Annual Congress Barcelona 2010

Saturday, 18.09.2010
Sunday, 19.09.2010
Monday, 20.09.2010
Tuesday, 21.09.2010
Wednesday, 22.09.2010

Citations should be made in the following way: Authors. Title. Eur Respir J 2010; 36: Suppl. 54, abstract number.

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Saturday, 18.09.2010

09:30 - 13:006PG1 Core Curriculum Postgraduate Course: Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:007PG6 Postgraduate Course: Techniques in noninvasive mechanical ventilationPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:008PG8 Postgraduate Course: Phenotypes of asthma and COPDPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:009PG10 Postgraduate Course: Bronchial challenge tests: usefulness, availability and limitationsPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0010PG9 Postgraduate Course: An interactive course on paediatric respiratory emergenciesPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0011PG5 Postgraduate Course: Interventional thoracoscopyPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0012PG4 Core Curriculum Postgraduate Course: Pathology for the clinicianPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0013PG3 Core Curriculum Postgraduate Course: Asthma: from bench to bedsidePostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0014PG2 Core Curriculum Postgraduate Course: Breaking news on imaging in critically ill patientsPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0015PG12 TB PAN-NET Postgraduate Course: 'Train the trainer' (invite only)Postgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0016PG11 Postgraduate Course: Infection: a player in the natural history of COPDPostgraduate Course
09:30 - 13:0017PG7 Postgraduate Course: How to manage treatment complications of lung cancerPostgraduate Course
13:00 - 16:0019Fellows' Get-TogetherSession
14:00 - 17:3021PG18 Postgraduate Course: Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in the evaluation of the respiratory patientPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3022PG15 Postgraduate Course: Asthma and COPD: similarities and differencesPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3023PG17 GRACE Postgraduate Course: Antimicrobial treatment of LRTI: important new aspects for clinical practicePostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3024PG13 Core Curriculum Postgraduate Course: Interventional pulmonologyPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3025PG16 ERS/ACCP jointly organised Postgraduate Course: Imaging and pathology of the lungPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3026PG19 Postgraduate Course: Treatment of obstructive sleep apnoeaPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3027PG22 Postgraduate Course: Developing pulmonary rehabilitation in non-COPD patientsPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3028PG20 Postgraduate Course: Implementing asthma guidelines for children in daily practicePostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3029WS1 Educational Workshop: Noninvasive assessment of respiratory function in childrenPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3030PG21 Postgraduate Course: Is gastro-oesophageal reflux bad for the lungs?Postgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3031PG23 Postgraduate Course: Case and problem-based multimodal treatment in thoracic oncologyPostgraduate Course
14:00 - 17:3032PG14 Core Curriculum Postgraduate Course: Occupational asthma: risk factors and managementPostgraduate Course