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Citations should be made in the following way: Authors. Title. Eur Respir J 2013; 42: Suppl. 57, abstract number.

ERS/The Lancet/The Lancet Respiratory Medicine joint Lunchtime session on lung cancer

Chairs: T. Berghmans (Brussels, Belgium), P. E. Postmus (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Aims: There is a substantial and ongoing need for improvements in screening, diagnosis, and treatment of lung cancer, and the proposed talks will provide state-of-the-art updates in these areas by leading researchers. Presenting authors will also be invited to submit scholarly reviews on their topic for The Lancet or The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.
Screening and diagnosis of lung cancer
J. Field (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
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New and anticipated therapeutic developments in management of non-small-cell lung cancer
M. Reck (Grosshansdorf, Germany)
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Genetics and tailored treatment of lung cancer
R. Rosell (Badalona (Barcelona), Spain)
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