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PG3 Advanced cardiopulmonary exercise testing

Postgraduate Course
Chairs: E. Lombardi (Florence, Italy), E. Barreiro Portela (Barcelona, Spain)
Aims: to explain the physiological constraints of exercise testing and its application in clinical practice; to present the optimal methods for testing lung mechanics and spirometry; to explain the different formats of exercise tests as well as their advantages, disadvantages and prognostic value in adults and children; and to present the usefulness of exercise testing for evaluating pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions in clinical practice.
Pulmonary gas exchange response to exercise in health and disease
P. Palange (Rome, Italy)
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WebcastSlide presentation
Respiratory mechanics and exertional dyspnoea in health and disease
D. O'Donnell (Kingston (ON), Canada)
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WebcastSlide presentation
The prognostic role of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in disease
P. Laveneziana (Paris, France)
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Exercise testing in children with respiratory diseases
T. Takken (Utrecht, Netherlands)
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Group assignment
P. Palange (Rome, Italy), D. O'Donnell (Kingston (ON), Canada), P. Laveneziana (Paris, France), T. Takken (Utrecht, Netherlands)
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