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PG11 Severe paediatric asthma

Postgraduate Course
Chairs: S. Saglani (London, United Kingdom), A. Zacharasiewicz (Wien, Austria)
Aims: to discuss 1) the various steps involved in confirming a diagnosis of severe asthma, 2) investigation of comorbidities and alternative diagnoses, 3) the role of a multidisciplinary team (nurses, physiotherapists and psychologists) and 4) a stratified approach to biologics. Each talk will present a clinical case scenario where severe asthma may be present, and describe the diagnostic and therapeutic approaches that should be adopted. With the aid of the case presentations, participants will understand the pathway that needs to be taken for the diagnosis and treatment of paediatric severe asthma.
Severe preschool wheeze: when and how to treat
L. Bacharier (St Louis, United States of America)
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Only severe asthma?
A. Möller (Zürich, Switzerland)
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A difficult case: distinctions between difficult asthma, true severe asthma and overlap
L. Fleming (London, United Kingdom)
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The need for a specialist multidisciplinary clinic to manage paediatric patients with severe asthma in the age of biologics
T. Guilbert (Cincinnati, United States of America)
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