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Acute respiratory failure

Hot topic
Chairs: A. Özsancak Ugurlu (Istanbul, Turkey), S. Levine (San Antonio, United States of America), C. Cowl (Rochester, United States of America)
Aims: to discuss 1) hot topics in respiratory critical care medicine with relevance to clinical practice such as mechanical ventilation, weaning from ventilatory support and end-stage right-sided heart failure; 2) the findings of the ERS statement on chest imaging in acute critically ill patients.
ERS statement on chest imaging in intensive care unit patients
P. Navalesi (Padova, Italy)
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WebcastSlide presentation
Worldwide practice on ventilator management in acute respiratory failure patients
M. Schultz (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
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Worldwide perspective on weaning from mechanical ventilation: insights from WEAN SAFE
L. Heunks (Amsterdam, Netherlands), B. Johnson (sheffield, United Kingdom)
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Bridging to lung transplantation in end-stage right-sided heart failure
O. Mercier (Le Plessis-Robinson, France)
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