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Future of cystic fibrosis care: insights from the Lancet Commission

Chairs: S. Bell (Brisbane (QLD), Australia), F. Ratjen (Toronto (ON), Canada), J. Grigg (London, United Kingdom)
Aims: to describe the changing epidemiology of cystic fibrosis (CF), future challenges of clinical care and its delivery, improvement of CF care globally and assessment and funding of novel therapeutics and patient engagement; to learn more on the total health and economic costs of CF care over the next three decades; to inform key decision-makers, including healthcare planners and funding bodies, globally about CF care, providing a blueprint for the future.
The changing epidemiology of CF
M. Macek (Praha, Czech Republic)
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CF clinical care and its delivery: current and future challenges
S. Madge (London, United Kingdom)
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Building CF care models in developing nations
H. Gutierrez (Birmingham, United States of America)
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Novel therapeutics for CF
M. Mall (Berlin, Germany)
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