ERS International Congress, Milan 2017

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Industry Evening Symposium at ERS 2017: “Evolving Concepts in Asthma with Type 2 Inflammation: the Role of Biologics”

Citations should be made in the following way: Authors. Title. Eur Respir J 2017; 50: Suppl. 61, abstract number.

Russian Programme 2017

Chairs: I. Chazova (Moscow, Russian Federation), S. Rosenkranz (Cologne, Germany)
Aims: The session will discuss of the problematic of pulmonary hypertension. Note that the presentations will be conducted in Russian and English with dual projection of slides in Russian and English.
Russian recommendation and registry of pulmonary hypertension
I. Chazova (Moscow, Russian Federation)
WebcastSlide presentation
WebcastSlide presentation
Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension
A. Edemskiy (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)
WebcastSlide presentation
WebcastSlide presentation
Pulmonary hypertension due to lung disease
S. Avdeev (Moscow, Russian Federation)
Slide presentation
Slide presentation
Pulmonary hypertension to left heart disease
S. Rosenkranz (Cologne, Germany)
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