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The management of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDRTB) on an individual and national level

Chairs: R. Loddenkemper (Berlin, Germany), G. B. Migliori (Tradate, Italy)
Aims: Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is a difficult and expensive problem to manage. Rates have been highest in the Baltic States, but recent evidence is showing successful treatment and decreasing rates of resistance. The aim of this symposium is to discuss the basis of this success at both the level of the individual patient and in terms of a national public health strategy. Target audience: Clinicians, microbiologists, specialist nurses and public health workers involved in tuberculosis management.
Are in vitro sensitivity tests for tuberculosis drugs a good guide of clinical outcome?
G. Smith (Birmingham, United Kingdom)
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Central co-ordination of tuberculosis services to achieve nationwide success
K. Blöndal-Vink (Reykjavik, Iceland)
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