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CC4 Tuberculosis

Challenging clinical cases
Chairs: R. Duarte (Porto, Portugal)
Aims: Access educational materials here
To increase awareness and knowledge of tuberculosis through discussion of challenging cases, including diagnosis, treatment of tuberculosis and co-morbidities in adults and children with a patient centred approach. To allow participants to have their say on selected cases through electronic voting on multiple choice questions.
Design of tuberculosis treatment regimens for drug-resistant and intolerant patients – patient and clinician perspectives
S. Tiberi (London, United Kingdom)
WebcastSlide presentation
WebcastSlide presentation
Managing adult and children XDR-TB cases with limited clinical options
A. Rendon (Monterrey, Mexico)
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WebcastSlide presentation
Disseminated multiorgan tuberculosis
A. Šola (Zagreb, Croatia)
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Misleading Tuberculosis Cases
A. Sahin (Diyarbakir, Turkey)
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Disseminated tuberculosis in an immunocompetent patient: when the diagnosis is right under the nose
J. Nunes Caldeira Marinho Matos (Ponta Delgada, Portugal)
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