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CC5 Pulmonary vasculitis: the great chameleon

Challenging clinical cases
Chairs: H. Nunes (Bobigny, France)
Aims: Access educational materials here
In this session, complex cases of ANCA associated vasculitis will be presented and discussed in an interactive fashion. These cases were clinically very difficult, and the session will describe how the diagnosis was made, the radiological and pathological patterns in the case, and the pathogenetic mechanisms that were identified. Brief discussion of treatment options will be presented. The aim is to increase knowledge about the modalities that were used to build up the clinical reasoning and the biological mechanisms that may connect different disorders.
Pulmonary vasculitis presenting as acute diffuse alveolar haemorrhage (DAH)
S. Colella (Teramo (TE), Italy)
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WebcastSlide presentation
Pulmonary ANCA-associated vasculitis mimicking a lung tumour or diffuse lung metastases (with positive PET-CT scan)
R. Borie (Paris, France)
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Lung-limited Granulomatosis with polyangiitis (GPA) managed without immunosuppression
L. Ribeiro (London, United Kingdom)
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Pulmonary vasculitis and malignancy - a great masquerader and diagnostic dilemma
D. Parjapat (Faridabad (Haryana), India)
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ANCA Associated Vasculitis in older patients
V. Delmotte (Liège, Belgium)
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