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Microorganisms and lung ecology: living in peace with bugs

Chairs: A. Dinh-Xuan (Paris, France), N. Roche (Paris, France)
Aims: To improve the understanding of (i) the subtle interactions between humans and microorganisms both within and outside the context of infections; (ii) how the respiratory immune system can move from homeostasis to dysbiosis; (iii) the roles that the interactions between humans and microorganisms play in the pathogenesis and natural history of pneumonia and chronic noncommunicable respiratory diseases; and (iv) the potential of treatments that modulate the microbiome.
Host-microorganism interactions in lung homeostasis: the influence of age, microbes and the immune system
J. Chalmers (Dundee (Angus), United Kingdom)
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Dynamics of the human microbiome network
K. Faust (Leuven, Belgium)
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Manipulating the microbiome to control human diseases
P. Lepage (Jouy en Josas, France)
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Towards an ecology of the lung: new conceptual models of pulmonary microbiology and pneumonia pathogenesis
C. Brightling (Leicester (Leicestershire), United Kingdom)
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