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New challenges in tackling known diseases with the 10 ERS Principles for Lung Health

Chairs: G. Joos (Ghent, Belgium), I. Horváth (Budakeszi, Hungary)
Aims: Respiratory diseases are among the leading causes of death and disease in the world. The five respiratory diseases that have the biggest impact are COPD, asthma, lower respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis and lung cancer. The ERS recently published its “10 Principles for Lung Health”. These Principles indicate the diverse actions that the respiratory healthcare community can take to improve lung health, thereby helping the United Nations to achieve its ambitious targets, namely, the reduction of noncommunicable diseases, the induction of sustainable development and the elimination of tuberculosis. However, these actions cannot be viewed in isolation from broader societal challenges and public health topics such as migration and climate change. The aim of this session is to present the key elements of the 10 Principles for Lung Health and to describe the new and emerging challenges, namely, migration and climate change, that may limit the achievements of these Principles.
Lower respiratory infection and antimicrobial resistance
T. Welte (Hannover, Germany)
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COPD and asthma: the main noncommunicable diseases that should be tackled?
A. Spanevello (Milan, Italy)
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Respiratory health in migrant and refugee populations
J. Celedon (Pittsburgh, United States of America)
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Environment, health and climate change: what respiratory professionals need to know
I. Annesi Maesano (Paris, France)
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