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Emerging tobacco products and harm reduction: a tobacco solution to a tobacco problem?

Hot topics
Chairs: S. Belo Ravara (Covilhã, Portugal), S. Lequet (Paris, France), I. Saraiva (Cascais, Portugal)
Aims: (i) To show how nicotine addiction maintains tobacco consumption and to explain the principles of harm reduction and their public health applications; (ii) to discuss causality in public health science and to review the evidence on the potential effects of heated tobacco products on human health; (iii) to raise awareness about the tactics of the tobacco industry, in particular how they have produced innovative tobacco products that are claimed to be less harmful, thereby deceiving the consumers about the health risks and addictiveness of tobacco products; (iv) to provide patient perspectives on emerging tobacco and nicotine products; (v) to highlight the leadership role and engagement of the ERS in controlling tobacco use and to present the ERS statement on harm reduction and emerging tobacco products.
Understanding nicotine addiction and the principles of harm reduction
D. Fotopoulos (Athens, Greece)
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Health effects of heated tobacco products: what we do and do not know
L. Hedman (Luleå, Sweden)
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Patient perspectives on emerging tobacco and nicotine products
I. Saraiva (Cascais, Portugal)
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WHO's and the tobacco control committees' position on harm reduction and emerging tobacco products
C. Pisinger (Frederiksberg, Denmark)
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