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Lunchtime programme: how to get the Nobel Prize?

Chairs: S-E. Dahlén (Stockholm, Sweden), B. Nemery (Leuven, Belgium)
Aims: This symposium is devoted to how we assess quality in science and scientific publications.
This includes:
• an account of how the Nobel Prize Laureates are selected;
• report from the Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine;
• a presentation of new evidence-based bibliometric methods for evaluation of scientific publications.

Anders Bárány is a Professor of Physics now serving as Deputy Director of the Nobel Museum. For 15 years he was the Scientific Secretary of the Nobel Committee for Physics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Drazen received his applied physics degree from Tufts University and his MD from Harvard Medical School. In 1977, he joined the Harvard faculty and was appointed as Professor in 1989, during which time he pursued asthma research. In 2000, he became Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine; considered by many to be the leading medical journal in the world.
Publishing in a high impact journal
J. Drazen (Boston, United States of America)
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