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Mediastinal staging for NSCLC

Hot topics
Chairs: D. Van Raemdonck (Leuven, Belgium), A.-P. Meert (Brussels, Belgium)
Aims: The aims of this symposum will be to sharpen the focus on mediastinal staging, which is of eminent importance for the adequate management of patients with local or locally advanced NSCL.
The place of non-invasive techniques (CT - PET - CT)
W. De Wever (Leuven, Belgium)
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Slide presentationMultimedia files
The place of minimally invasive techniques (TBNA – EBUS - EUS)
F. Herth (Heidelberg, Germany)
Slide presentation
Slide presentation
The place of invasive techniques (mediastino – VEMLA - thoracoscopy)
D. Lardinois (Zurich, Switzerland)
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