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PG18 - Markers of inflammation in obstructive airway disease

Postgraduate Course
Chairs: J. C. De Jongste (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), R. Djukanovic (Southampton, United Kingdom)
Aims: To provide a critical overview on noninvasive monitoring of airway inflammation and oxidative stress in research and clinical practice. The course gives methodological advice with information on the current guidelines on each method. Course participants will learn the most important steps in using these techniques and realise the most frequent pitfalls when using them together with potential problems of interpreting data. Furthermore, they will learn the potential place of these techniques in monitoring airway diseases.
Exhaled NO and other gases as biomarkers
S. A. Kharitonov (London, United Kingdom)
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Induced sputum
R. Louis (Liege, Belgium)
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Exhaled breath condensate
R. Dekhuijzen (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
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Airway hyperresponsiveness
E. Bel (Leiden, The Netherlands)
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Noninvasive markers - what does it mean for the clinician?
J. C. De Jongste (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
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