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PG20 - Smoking reduction and smoking cessation - an update and suggestions for future studies

Postgraduate Course
Chairs: P. Tonnesen (Copenhagen, Denmark), K. O. Fagerström (Helsingborg, Sweden)
Aims: The aims of this course are:
• to present the latest knowledge about smoking cessation and about pharmacological agents to be used.
• to update knowledge about smoking reduction studies with special emphasis on efficacy, problems with definitions and effect on motivation and biomarkers.
• to discuss measurement of biomarkers of inhalation and cigarette product modification.
In all sections special attention will be given to addressing "what can be learnt from this information in relation to designing smoking cessation or reduction trials?.
Biomarkers of inhalation - what’s new and what is useful in smoking cessation and reduction trials?

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Nicotine regulation and labelling of cigarettes - current and future needs
G. Dubois (Amiens, France)
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Pharmacotherapy for smoking cessation - what is available and how effective is it?
K. O. Fagerström (Helsingborg, Sweden)
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Smoking reduction - update on efficacy, definitions and motivation strategies
P. Tonnesen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
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