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The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

Hot topics
Chairs: K. Raymondos (Hannover, Germany), S. L. Johnston (London, United Kingdom)
Aims: This Hot Topic symposium will: - present the clinical, laboratory and radiological features of SARS in detail; - give you an updated review on symptomatic treatment strategies for SARS; - present the latest update of the epidemiology and the evolution of SARS; - inform you how the genomic sequence of the SARS-associated virus was detected; - discuss the efficacy of diagnostic tests and the perspectives for vaccine-developments.
The worldwide outbreak of SARS - how it spread and was controlled
G. Thomson (Geneva, Switzerland)
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Mechanisms and efficacy of transmission of SARS - and will it come back next year?
A. Ghani (London, United Kingdom)
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