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Sleep and breathing in respiratory failure

Major Symposium
Chairs: M. W. Elliott (Leeds, United Kingdom), B. Schönhofer (Hannover, Germany)
Aims: This symposium will deal with the complex interaction between central control of breathing and respiratory muscles (including upper airway) in patients with both acute and chronic respiratory failure. The role of sleep respiratory muscles (including those of the upper airway) and control of breathing in the pathogenesis of respiratory failure will be reviewed. The impact of traditional strategies (i.e. oxygen and respiratory stimulants) will be revisited in the light of new insights (e.g. Leptin or Diuretics) and the influence of NIV (including different modes) on sleep quality, muscle function and control of breathing will be elucidated.
Treatment of respiratory failure - drugs, oxygen and noninvasive ventilation
B. Schönhofer (Hannover, Germany)
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