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Citations should be made in the following way: Authors. Title. Eur Respir J 2012; 40: Suppl. 56, abstract number.

Fighting MDR- and XDR-TB in Europe: from programme results to research implementation

Chairs: G.B. Migliori (Tradate, Italy), M. Dara (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Aims: The aims of this symposium are to:
- get an update on the control and elimination efforts coordinated by WHO in Europe, in collaboration with ERS;
- describe the main results achieved by the EU-funded project TB-PAN-NET;
- discuss the results of a large research project aimed at analysing a cohort of MDR-TB cases in Europe;
- summarise the research priorities as defined by WHO following the results of several meta-analyses launched to inform the new MDR-TB guidelines.
Control of MDR-/XDR-TB and elimination of TB in Europe: status update
M. Dara (Copenhagen, Denmark)
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Answering the research gaps on MDR-TB in Europe: the results of the FP7 - funded TB PAN-NET project
D. Cirillo (Milan, Italy)
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