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Citations should be made in the following way: Authors. Title. Eur Respir J 2012; 40: Suppl. 56, abstract number.

Advances in chronic respiratory failure in COPD: now out of its infancy

Chairs: M.A. Spruit (Horn, The Netherlands), S. Nava (Bologna, Italy), P.W. Finn (La Jolla, United States of America)
Aims: The aims of this symposium are to elucidate the current understanding for chronic respiratory failure in COPD patients and more specifically:
- to provide an overview on modern possibilities of rehabilitation of most severe COPD patients;
- to emphasise the increasing evidence to support the use of high-intensity positive pressure ventilation in chronic hypercapnic COPD patients;
- to highlight the modern view of subjective perception of chronic respiratory failure and, in this regard, to discuss the current concept of quality of life in these patients;
- to provide insight into the taboo subject of the circumstances of how these patients die.
Rehabilitation for advanced COPD patients: evidence and future directions
S. Singh (Leicester, United Kingdom)
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High-intensity noninvasive positive pressure ventilation for COPD: it works!
W. Windisch (Cologne, Germany)
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Reduced quality of life in severe COPD: how to assess and how to handle?
P. Jones (London, United Kingdom)
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How do patients with COPD and chronic respiratory failure die and what can we do?
M. Vitacca (Lumezzane, Italy)
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