How to Contribute Data

Information on pulmonary function is still incomplete in many parts of the world, and more data on subjects over age 75 years are required. Given the extensive data now available from Caucasian subjects between 3–75 years of age, and the stability of the GLI 2012 spirometry reference equations for such individuals, collection of further Caucasian normative data is not required. Further data are, however, required for those above 75 years of age, and for pre-school children.

More studies are required in non-Caucasians, particularly Arab, Indian, Polynesian, African and Latin American peoples, including ethnic minorities and people of mixed ethnic origin. Such studies should adhere to international guidelines with respect to methodology, quality control and selection of a representative sample of healthy reference subjects between 3-95 years.

Those who wish to submit additional data visit GLI Network: Submit Your Data.